• Not a drop. POSCA is a 100% non-alcoholic ACV apĂ©ritif meant to be enjoyed before a meal to prepare your body for optimal carb consumption. Not only is it a great alcohol replacement, it helps keep you healthy and balanced too.

  • Each serving of POSCA has just 5 calories. With less than 1g of total carbs and 0g of Fat and Sodium, POSCA is benefit with no drawback.

  • The acid in ACV acts on food eaten to delay digestion and absorption of carbohydrates meaning your favorite foods like pasta, rice, and bread will take longer than usual to be completely digested thereby slowing the release of sugars, which is especially beneficial for diabetics. This slow release helps reduce hunger and makes you feel full for longer, reducing appetite and helping to support weight loss. ACV also helps to minimize sugar cravings and insulin production leading better blood sugar management.

  • 1 tablespoon of POSCA is enough for our blend of apple cider vinegar, herbs, and botanicals to take effect but drinking more POSCA does further minimize glucose and carbohydrate intake. Each time you drink POSCA, your body is better prepared for your favorite foods and drinks by reducing your rate of glucose production and absorption.

  • While we recommend drinking POSCA before a meal to prepare your body for optimal reception of glucose and carbohydrate, you can also drink it during and even after a meal to get the benefits!

  • Each serving of POSCA contains only 6 calories and features 0g of carbohydrates, 0g of total fat, 1.5mg of sodium, 22mg of potassium as well as B and C vitamins.

  • POSCA is an all-natural product made using only the highest quality apple cider vinegar, herbs, botanicals, flavors, and colors. We are proud to say we do not use any sugars to guarantee the best glucose-regulating formulation while still achieving our signature taste!

  • The team at POSCA is hard at work to make our product available nationwide as soon as possible. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

  • Yes! While we recommend mixing POSCA with one cup of carbonated water, POSCA can be mixed with a variety of different beverages. As a glucose-stabilizing product we do not recommend mixing it with sugary drinks to ensure you receiving the maximum health benefit each time!